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Chemical Engineering

Designing molecular technology for the 21st century with biology and chemistry

Photo of Department Head Andrew Zydney.

Department Head Andrew Zydney

Walter L. Robb Chair and Professor of Chemical Engineering

Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1985

Office: 160 Fenske Laboratory

Phone: (814) 863-7113

Fax: (814) 865-7846

Labs: 218, 219, and 220 Fenske Laboratory

218 Lab Phone: (814) 863-4527

219 Lab Phone: (814) 863-4527

220 Lab Phone: (814) 863-4530

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Research Summary

My current research activities are focused in three distinct areas: artificial organs, bioseparations, and membrane processes. In each of these areas, our goal is to develop a more fundamental understanding of the factors governing the behavior of these processes, including the complex interactions between the biological molecules/cells and the synthetic materials used in these devices. Descriptions of several ongoing research areas are described on my research page.

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