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Leaving the Department of Chemical Engineering
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Credit Loads and Hours of Service

Credit loads allowed and hours of service required under various appointments as established by the Graduate School are tabulated below.

Credit Loads by Appointment
Appointment Credit load allowed   Service hours per week
  Summer Fall/Spring  
(Part-Time Student)
  1 - 8 0
(Full-Time Student)
5 9 - 15 0
Graduate Assistantship
3 - 5 6 - 8  
Graduate Assistantship
5 - 7 9 - 14 10
Graduate Assistantship
4 - 6 9 - 12 20
(Traineeship, etc.)
  9 - 12 0

It should be noted that while the academic semester lasts 15 weeks, service under a graduate assistantship is required for 18 weeks or an equivalent number of hours. For example, a half-time graduate assistant is required to give 360 hours of service in one semester.

For the graduate student on a teaching appointment, this work will relate to the instructional activities of the department. Those not involved in teaching duties are expected to spend at least an equivalent amount of time on their research.

Half-time assistants may register for up to 22 credits over the Fall and Spring semesters, three-quarter time assistants for 16.

1 A graduate assistant or fellow who is required to register for a certain minimum number of credits is not permitted to count audited course credits toward the minimum credits needed. The special language courses are exceptions. The student may register for credit or audit beyond the required minimum but may not exceed the normal maximum without special permission.

1 Graduate Degree Programs Bulletin.

Reviewed on 07/22/14

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