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Leaving the Department of Chemical Engineering
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Dissertation Defense

Continuous Registration Requirement

Ch E 600/Ch E 610 - If the student does not need to maintain full-time student status, he/she should register for the appropriate number of thesis credits which accurately reflects the amount of research being done on the thesis (number of credits to be determined in consultation with students advisor).

Ch E 601/Ch E 611 - This special registration may be used only by Ph.D. students starting with the semester after the Comprehensive Examination is passed. If a student must maintain full-time status for an assistantship, fellowship, bank loan deferment, etc., 601 would be an appropriate registration. 601 students must be devoting their efforts entirely to thesis research/writing (i.e. no courses).

Tuition and fees for students registering for CHE 601/611 are significantly reduced compared to that for CHE 600/610; thus, all eligible students should register for CHE 601/611.

If a student is in the continuous registration stage of his/her program, registration must be maintained each semester (including summer sessions if student is using University facilities, faculty time, etc.) up to and including the semester the Final Oral Examination is passed. If the student is not on campus during the summer and is not using University facilities or faculty, registration in the summer is not required (except as noted below).

Registration is required the semester the Final Oral Examination is held - even if it is held during a summer session. Students should reqister for ChE 601 (for 0 credits) if they are defending their thesis during the summer. This requirement also applies to the Comprehensive Examination - students should register for ChE 600 under these conditions.

Updated on 07/23/14

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