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Leaving the Department of Chemical Engineering
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English Competency Requirement for Ph.D. Students

Further Opportunities for Enhancement of English Competency

The department has two other formal requirements designed to enhance the English competency of all doctoral students. These requirements relate to chemical engineering colloquium and the doctoral Comprehensive Exam.

  • Colloquium

    All doctoral students are required to register for 2 credits (one credit each semester for two semesters) of CH E 590 Chemical Engineering Colloquium. The students scheduling CH E 590 are required to give a formal oral presentation on a topic of their choice. The formal presentation should be comparable to that given in technical and professional society meetings. The students will have to also participate in the question and answer session following the presentation.
  • Ph.D. Comprehensive Exam

    This exam will be scheduled only after the department certifies that the student has attained competency in English, The format of the Comprehensive Exam gives students additional opportunities to enhance their reading, writing, formal presentation and oral discussion skills. The format of the exam is identical to that of the Ph.D. Candidacy Exam described earlier but for the difference that the student should focus on a research area different from the one chosen for the doctoral dissertation.

Updated on 07/23/14

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