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Leaving the Department of Chemical Engineering
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Chemical Engineering Graduate Student Handbook

These notes describe opportunities and responsibilities related to graduate study in the Department of Chemical Engineering. Additional regulations are to be found in the Graduate Bulletin, and the Thesis Guide. These publications are available at the Office of the Graduate School, Kern Building.

All students are expected to assume full responsibility for knowing the requirements and procedures given in these publications. New students should become familiar with this material without delay. Students should consult with the staff assistant in charge of graduate student records (Cathy Krause) for any questions related to this handbook of program requirements. Any questions regarding the actual policies should be addressed to the Graduate Program Coordinator (Dr. Janna Maranas) or the Department Head (Dr. Phillip Savage).

The requirements described in this Handbook have been established to insure that all students achieve a minimum level of competency required for a graduate degree in Chemical Engineering while at the same time providing sufficient flexibility to allow students to pursue their individual professional development.

Special opportunities have also been provided to recognize outstanding performance in research and teaching. Occasionally unusual circumstances will develop that were not anticipated and may thus not be effectively handled by the official program requirements. If such conditions arise, students should contact the Graduate Program Coordinator and / or the Department to discuss the particular situation and to explore potential options / solutions.

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