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Leaving the Department of Chemical Engineering
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  2. Transfer/Seperation Checklist.pdf
    Hosted on the chemical engineerin Box account.

Leaving the ChE Department at Penn State

The following items must be completed before your departure from Penn State. As you complete each item, please have the individual listed place their initials in the left hand column indicating that you have completed each task.

Once all the items are completed, please return the P D F form below to Laurinda Benner.

Change your address with the Payroll Office.

(To ensure that your Tax Documents will sent to the proper address, please follow the instructions below)

    Go to:
  • Log in using your user ID and password
  • At the upper right side click on "payroll."
  • On the left side click on "W4", scrolldown and click on "Change Data"
  • Put in your new address information... be sure all information is correct on
  • the rest of the form and then click on "Submit Changes"

Updated on 01/30/15

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