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Chemical Engineering

Designing molecular technology for the 21st century with biology and chemistry

Photo of faculty member Ali Borhan.

Professor Ali Borhan

Ph.D., Stanford University, 1988

Office: 122 Fenske Laboratory

Phone: (814) 865-7847

Lab: 208 Fenske Lab.

Computer Lab: 118 Fenske Lab

208 Lab Phone:

118 Lab Phone: (814) 863-4639

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Photo of graduate student Maria Sanchez Faran.

Graduate student Maria Sanchez Faran of the Borhan Research Group receives a College of Engineering Distinguished Teaching Fellowship.

Professor Ali Borhan wins the Lawrence J. Perez Memorial Student Advocate Award from the Penn State Engineering Alumni Society (PSEAS) on April 1, 2014.

Research Interests:

Fluid dynamics and transport phenomena in multiphase systems; complex fluids; capillary and
wetting phenomena; interfacial transport phenomena; applied mathematics and numerical methods.

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