Funding Sources

January 2012-December 2015, "New Associative Functionality for Additives in Waterborne Colloidal Systems," Dow Chemical Company—investigator (33%).

September 2011-September 2014, "Rheological and Architectural Control of Flow-Induced Crystallization in Polypropylene," National Science Foundation, CBET—PI (30%).

September 2011-September 2016, "Center for Flexible Electronics," Dow Chemical Sponsored Flexible and Printed Electronic Program—investigator (8%).

January 2010-January 2011, "Optimally Efficient Simulations For Polymer Dynamics," American Chemical Society -- Petroleum Research Fund—PI (100%).

November 2008-November 2011, "Multiscale Theory for Semicrystalline Polymers: Crystal-Melt Interface, Rotator Phases and Nucleation," NSF DMR/CMMT—PI (100%).

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