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Venkat Ravi Receives the "Best Paper Award" at the 2013 Chemical Engineering Research Symposium

Photo fo graduate Student Venkat Ravi.

2013 Chemical Engineering Research Symposium Awards.

Congratulations to Vekat Ravi who has received the "Best Paper Award" for his publication entitled "Thermodynamic Profiles at the Solvated Inorganic-Organic Interface: The Case of Gold-Thiolate Monolayers".

This publication was Co-authored with Jason Binz and Rob Rioux, and published in Nano Letters.

The Research Symposium was held on September 17th at the Celebration Hall Conference Center in State College, PA.

Venkat Ravi Receives the International Precious Metals Institute Student Award

Photo fo graduate Student Venkat Ravi.

Graduate student Venkat Ravi has been awarded the International Precious Metals Institute (IPMI) Student Award.

Venkat will receive his award this June at the 37th International Precious Metals Institute Conference to be held in Phoenix, Arizona.

Cogratulations Venkat.

Robert Rioux receives 2013 National Science Foundation Career Award

Photo of Dr. Robert Rioux.

We are pleased to announce that Robert Rioux has received a 2013 National Science Foundation (NSF) CAREER Award.

Dr. Howard Salis (Joint appointment between Chemical Engineering and Agricultural and Biological Engineering) also received a NSF Career Award. Given the budgetary challenges at the NSF, it is an honor to have two awardees who are both in our Department.

Congratulations to Dr. Rioux on this wonderful recognition and support for his research.

Graduate student Venkat Ravi is the Chemical Engineering
"Prevent Accidents With Safety" (PAWS) March Student of the month

Photo fo graduate Student Venkat Ravi

Congratulations to graduate student Venkat Ravi of the Rioux Research Group, who received the PAWS (Prevent Accidents With Safety) Student of the Month Award for March 2013.

A nominator from the group said, "Without Venkat's constant attention to our [chemical] inventory... safety would be compromised in our laboratory".

Venkat will receive a $25 gift card to a local business of his choice. Congratulations Venkat.

Rioux Group Earns EHS Safety Inspection Award

Photo of the Rioux Research Group for 2012.

The Robert Rioux research group was selected by EHS as the winner of this year's Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Safety Inspection Award.

All of the students / post-docs in Dr. Rioux's lab deserve a tremendous amount of credit for their selection for this Award, particularly given the wide range of highly hazardous chemicals employed in their research.

Please join us in congratulating Dr. Rioux and his research group.

Chemical Engineering PAWS November 2012 Student of the month

Photo of graduate student Charlie Spanjers.

Congratulations to graduate student Charlie Spanjers who received the Department of Chemical Engineering PAWS (Prevent Accidents With Safety) Student of the Month Award for January 2013.

"Charlie was outspoken about safety issues within the Rioux group which served as the catalyst to implement significant changes in the way solid materials were handled, the storage and use of high-pressure toxic gases, and the appropriate ventilation of catalytic reactor systems."

"He researched appropriate solutions to these issues, and they have been implemented in the Rioux group due to Charlie's efforts."

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