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Distinguished Professor Darrell Velegol Professor Darrell Velegol | Selected Publications

Selected Publications

Other Publications

  • Kline, Timothy R.; Iwata, Jodi; Lammert, Paul E., Mallouk, Thomas E.; Sen, Ayusman; Velegol, Darrell. "Catalytically-driven Colloidal Patterning and Transport." Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 110, 24513-24521 (2006).
  • Yake, Allison M.; Panella, Rocco A.; Snyder, Charles E.; Velegol, Darrell. "Fabrication of Doublets by a Salting Out - Quenching - Fusing Technique." Langmuir, 22, 9135-9141 (2006).
  • Gatica, Silvina M.; Cole, Milton W.; Velegol, Darrell. "Designing van der Waals forces between nanocolloids." Nano Letters, 5, 169-173 (2005).
  • Velegol, Darrell. "Brownian sampling in an unbounded space." Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 274, 334-336 (2004).
  • Feick, Jason D.; Chukwumah, Nkiru; Noel, Alexandra E.; Velegol, Darrell. "Altering surface charge nonuniformity on individual colloidal particles." Langmuir, 20, 3090-3095 (2004).

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