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Peer-Reviewed Publications

Persisters and Toxin/Antitoxin Systems Including MqsR/MqsA, GhoT/GhoS, Hha/TomB, and RalR/RalA

Metabolic Engineering of Archaea

Sulfate-Reducing Bacterial Biofilms

Phage, Acetylation, and Cell Physiology

Re-Wiring the Cell to Control Biofilm Formation

Cell Signaling: Indole & Derivatives

Cell Signaling: AI-2

Cell Signaling: Pseudomonas Biofilms

Gene Expression in Biofilms

Quorum Quenching: Furanone

Protein Engineering for Hydrogen Production and Methane Generation Through CO2 Sequestration

Evolved Enzymes for Remediation

Evolved Enzymes for Green Chemistry

Metabolic Engineering

Rhizoremediation (word coined by Wood group in 1998 in ref. 25)

Inhibition of Biocorrosion via Beneficial Biofilms


Recombinant Protein Expression


Editorials, Book Chapters, Peer-Reviewed Proceedings, & Technical Reports


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