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Leaving the Department of Chemical Engineering
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Financial Aid For Self-Supporting Graduate Students

All self-supporting2 graduate students desiring financial aid from the department may request such consideration upon completing a minimum of 12 credits of technical courses with a minimum grade point average of 3.0 of which six credits must be at the 500 level. The earliest time a self-supporting student could obtain departmental support would be at the end of the second semester after starting graduate work at Penn State.

In all cases, any financial support given self-supporting students will be contingent upon departmental resources, and will be awarded on a competitive basis among all applicants, including any students applying for admission to the Chemical Engineering department at the time of consideration. In the event that financial aid is not granted to a self-supporting student, he/she may request review of his/her case tri-annually, at the end of each semester or summer session.

In the latter case, the student's research performance as well as course grades will be considered. The studen's research performance will be evaluated from a written analysis by the student's research advisor.

Financial aid arrangements for students entering graduate studies with a previous degree in an area other than Chemical Engineering (Chemistry, for example) are usually made on an individual basis. The Chair of the Graduate Program Committee may be contacted for this purpose.

If departmental resources permit, the applications of non-departmentally supported students for supplemental financial aid will be considered if such students meet the above criteria (minimum G.P.A. of 3.0 in non-research courses). These applications will be considered on the basis of demonstrated need3 if the stipend being received is less than that obtained with the normal department mode of support. The awarding of this kind of support will be subject to the procedure outlined above for self-supporting students.

No graduate assistant may accept other employment during the time the assistantship is held without the concurrence of both the student's advisor and the department head.

2The term "self-supporting students" refers only to those students whose support comes from private individuals such as themselves, families, relatives, or friends. It does not include students who are supported by organizations such as companies, other universities, governments, or by private scholarships or fellowships. These latter students will be included in the broader category of non- Departmentally supported students.

3In consultation with the Office of International Students in the case of foreign students.

Reviewed on 07/22/14

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