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Leaving the Department of Chemical Engineering
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Calendar for Student Action
(M.S. to Ph.D.) and (B.S. to Ph.D.)

Additional Requirements for scheduling Final Oral Dissertation Defense

  • Residency requirement: Between admission to the Ph.D. Program and completion of the Pd Program. You must spend at least 2 semesters (summer not included) as a full-time student.
  • Have 3 months elapsed between the comprehensive and the final oral?
  • Continuous registration requirement: Have you been registered continuously each semester beginning with the semester following the passing of the comprehensive examination?
  • The final oral examination must be held within six years of the date the comprehensive examination was passed. If more than six years have passed, a second comprehensive examination must be given before scheduling the final oral examination.
  • Time limitation. All requirements including submission of the thesis must be completed within eight years of the candidacy date.
  • No missing or deferred grades can appear on a student's transcript when the final oral dissertation defense is scheduled.
  • No more than 12 credits of thesis research (600/610) may be assigned a quality letter grade. Any credits over this maximum must be changed to 'R' before a student will be permitted to graduate.

Download the (M.S. to Ph.D.) and (B.S. TO Ph.D.) Additional Requirements for Scheduling Final Oral Dissertation Defense Checklist.pdf

Updated on 07/22/14

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