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Leaving the Department of Chemical Engineering
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English Competency Requirement for Ph.D. Students

Improving English Competency of Students with Deficiencies

If the expected level of competence is not demonstrated, the student will be required to enroll in course(s) offered at the university to improve English competency. The committee will recommend the suitable course(s) for each student from among the following:

  1. Oral Language Skills
    ESL 114G, American Oral English for Academic Purposes
    ESL 115G, American Oral English for ITAs I

  2. Presentational Skills
    CAS 1OOA, Effective Speech
    CAS 211, Informative Speaking

  3. Writing Skills
    ESL 116G, Composition for Academic Disciplines
    ENGL 202C, Effective Writing: Technical Writing
    ENGL 198G, Writing in the Disciplines

Updated on 07/25/14

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