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Leaving the Department of Chemical Engineering
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General Requirements

Engineering 588 - Seminar/Engineering TA's

All Teaching Assistants in Chemical Engineering whose duties include direct classroom instruction can satisfy the College requirements for TA's by formally registering for the 1 credit course Engineering 588. This course is highly recommended for TA's who will have significant responsibilities for classroom (lecture) instruction. The course is not required for the Ph.D. degree.

The registration and course participation is done concurrently with the performance of TA duties. Engineering 588 is a semester long course that meets once weekly. Various aspects of teaching experience are examined in this course via formal lectures, student presentations and class discussions.

TA's whose duties do not include direct classroom instruction but who grade and hold office hours must attend the Grading Seminar for College of Engineering Graders. This is a one day seminar that covers a variety of topics such as: establishing grading criteria, evaluating the fairness of tests, professional conduct during office hours and handling student complaints etc.

Pre-registration is required for the Grading Seminar. Please check with the department staff assistant for more information.

Updated on 07/22/14

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