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Leaving the Department of Chemical Engineering
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General Requirements

Teaching Fellows Program

The Teaching Fellows Program provides an enhanced teaching experience for graduate students who may be considering an academic career, with the goal of encouraging students to pursue academia while at the same time assisting them in developing their teaching skills and teaching portfolio.

Teaching Fellows will co-teach a Chemical Engineering course with a faculty mentor, becoming involved in all aspects of the course (lecturing, developing new course materials, preparing problem sets and exam questions, grading, etc). The faculty mentor will provide the support and critical feedback needed for the development of effective teaching skills. The Department will typically have one Teaching Fellow each semester, with a focus on the core undergraduate courses.

Application Process:
If you are interested in being a Teaching Fellow, you should submit the following material at least 3 months prior to the start of the semester in which you would like to teach:

  • A short write-up explaining your teaching interests / experience and how being a Teaching Fellow would fit into your current career plans.
  • A list of the course (or courses) that you would be interested in co-teaching. Course information is available on the web at:
  • A short letter (e-mail is fine) of support from the faculty you have previously worked with as a Teaching Assistant.
  • A short letter / e-mail of support from your thesis advisor

You should discuss plans for being a Teaching Fellow with your Advisor, and you should also to talk with the faculty who are teaching the courses you would be interested in co-teaching to get a better idea of their expectations. Priority will be given to graduate students who have already completed their TA requirement (being a TA for 1 semester).

You should contact the department head if you have any questions about the Teaching Fellows program.

Updated on 07/22/14

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