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Leaving the Department of Chemical Engineering
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Chemical Engineering graduate studies at Penn State is based on a very flexible program designed to meet the divergent needs of students involved in a variety of research projects in the department. The requirements are kept to a minimum and the students are given a wide choice in developing their own programs of study. To facilitate this process, you have been provided with this brief handbook containing a description of all the existing departmental requirements. Additional regulations to meet the requirements of Penn State's Graduate School are described in the Graduate Bulletin and the Thesis Guide.

Advising for all entering students is initially provided by the Chair of the Graduate Program Committee (currently Dr. Michael Janik). All students entering the graduate program will meet with the Chair of the Graduate Program Committee to decide on their courses for the first semester. Students entering the department with Master's Degrees obtained at other institutions will also have their courses evaluated as to their equivalence to Penn State courses. Once the thesis topics are chosen by the students, all advising will be done by the thesis advisors.

In designing their programs of study, students should pay particular attention to the general requirements of teaching, participation in the departmental seminars, graduate student colloquium, and English language tests for international students. Also, students should plan ahead their Oral Defense of Master's Thesis, the Candidacy Examination (which also satisfies the University's requirement for the English Competency Test), and the Comprehensive Examination for the Doctoral Degree and the Oral Doctoral Dissertation Defense, all of which will have to be officially scheduled by the department.

The set of policies described in this book are those currently in force. They are subject to changes as the chemical engineering discipline and hence our graduate program continues to evolve. The student has to make sure that he/she satisfies all the requirements that are in force at the time of his/her admission to the graduate program at Penn State. Students may consult with Cathy Krause, the person in charge of graduate student records, for any questions related to this handbook of program requirements.

Occasionally unusual circumstances will develop that were not anticipated and may thus not be effectively handled by the written program requirements. If such conditions arise, students should contact the Graduate Program Coordinator and / or the Department to discuss the particular situation and to explore potential options / solutions.

updated on 07/22/14

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