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Leaving the Department of Chemical Engineering
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Master of Science in Chemical Engineering

Appointment of M.S. Thesis Committee

All students must have at least a co-advisor who is a member of the Chemical Engineering Faculty. After a student selects his/her thesis topic and research advisor, the thesis advisor will appoint a committee consisting of himself/herself and two (or more if desired) other graduate faculty members as a thesis review committee. In all cases, a majority of the thesis committee shall be members of the faculty of the Department of Chemical Engineering.

The responsibility of this committee includes periodic review of the progress of the research at the call of the advisor or the student. When the student is ready to write the first draft of the thesis, he/she may schedule a committee meeting to present his/her results for discussion and criticism. As soon as the student completes the draft, a copy will be given to each of the committee members for at least one week's study.

At the appropriate time the student should have the following form completed and submitted to the Head of the Department.

Download the M.S. Thesis Committee Appointment form.pdf

Reviewed on 07/22/14

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