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Leaving the Department of Chemical Engineering
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Master of Science in Chemical Engineering

Students with a B.S. in a Non-Chemical Engineering Discipline

  1. Minimum number of total credits - 30.

  2. Minimum number of course credits in Chemical Engineering and in related fields of science and engineering (400 and 500 series) - 21. (excluding Ch E 590)

    1. At least 12 of these 21 credits must be Chemical Engineering 500 level courses. These must include Ch E 524 (3), Ch E 535 (3), and Ch E 544 (3).

    2. Any course presently required of P.S.U. Chemical Engineering undergraduates, or courses equivalent to these courses, is excluded from these 21 credits.

    3. Approved 400 level Chemical Engineering courses are listed on the check sheet.

  3. Graduate Student Colloquium. M.S. graduate students must register for Ch E 590 one Fall Semester and one Spring Semester during their tenure.

  4. Participation in Chemical Engineering Departmental Seminar (no credit) is required each semester the student is in residence.

  5. Completion of all 400 and 500 level credits with a grade point average of 3.00.

  6. Completion of a written thesis and its oral defense.

  7. Competency in the following areas must be shown by either taking courses or examinations:

    1. Momentum, heat and mass transfer (equivalent to Ch E 330, Ch E 350, and Ch E 410).

    2. Thermodynamics (equivalent to Ch E 220 and Ch E 320).

    3. Kinetics and Reactor Design (equivalent to Ch E 430).

    4. Penn State undergraduate handbook (Blue Book) C H E course descriptions.

Course Resources

Penn State Chemical Engineering graduate course descriptions (White Book).

Updated on 07/22/14

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