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Leaving the Department of Chemical Engineering
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Master of Science in Chemical Engineering

M.S. Thesis Defense

The student is responsible for scheduling the thesis defense by notifying the department secretary. The student will then schedule a thesis defense which is to be conducted under the following guidelines:

  1. The formal presentation of the thesis is to be public, and the public will be given ample opportunity to ask questions. The questioning by the thesis committee is usually done in public although this can be handled in private at the discretion of the thesis committee. The final deliberations of the committee will be done in private.

  2. The student will begin the defense with a presentation of the highlights of the work which should not exceed 30 minutes.

  3. The general audience will then be allowed to ask questions.

  4. The committee will follow this with questions prepared on the basis of their study of the thesis.

  5. A time period of two hours must be provided for the defense.

  6. The committee will then meet in executive session to decide how to implement improvements in the final draft, if needed, and to determine if the defense met Departmental requirements or needs to be repeated.

  7. Upon successful completion of the defense, the student will make necessary corrections to the draft, obtain the committee's approval, and have the final copy typed.

  8. The student will then submit the thesis to the Graduate School after obtaining the signatures of the advisor and the Department Head.

Note: Forms for committee use when voting on the thesis defense and approving thesis draft are provided in this section of the publication.

Scheduling The M.S. Thesis Defense in Chemical Engineering Form.pdf

Reviewed on 08/21/14

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