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Leaving the Department of Chemical Engineering
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Ph.D. Degree Requirements

Appointment of Dotoral Committee

  1. After the student passes the Ph.D. Candidacy Exam and before he/she takes the Comprehensive Exam, members of his/her Doctoral Committee must be appointed. The Doctoral Committee is to consist of at least 3 faculty members in the major field and at least 1 faculty member in a related field (outside the major). The Committee Chair will ordinarily be the candidate's research advisor.

    The outside member shall have no conflicts of interest with members of the department such as a budgetary connection to the department, or serving as a co-principal investigator with any other members of the committee. The Primary responsibilities of this outside member are:

    (1) to maintain the academic standards of the Graduate School and

    (2) to assure that all procedures are carried out fairly.

  2. The committee should meet with the student at least once a year to review the progress of the research at the call of the advisor or the student. When the student is ready to write the first draft of the dissertation, he/she may schedule a committee meeting to present his/her results for discussion and criticism.

  3. The student's doctoral committee has the responsibility to guide the course of study undertaken by the student.

  4. If a student is pursuing an official minor (e.g., Chemistry, Materials Science and Engineering, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, etc) then at least one member of the Doctoral Committee must be a member of that Department.

For a copy of the "Appointment of Dotoral Committee Form" please see Cathy Krause in room 158 Fenske Laboratory.

Updated on 07/23/14

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