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Leaving the Department of Chemical Engineering
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Student Organizations

Chemical Engineering Graduate Student Council

The Chemical Engineering Graduate Student Council (GSC) represents Ch E graduate students in department-oriented matters. Examples of activities in which the GSC has previously been involved in are the annual spring and fall picnics, the Colloquium series, safety inspections, and graduate course evaluations.

The most important function of the Committee is to serve as a channel which graduate students can use to direct complaints, problems, or suggestions that they might have to faculty, staff, or anyone else associated with the Chemical Engineering department.

The Committee consists of about ten members who are elected to the various positions listed below. These elections take place at the beginning of each academic year. Members meet once or twice a month to discuss various topics and concerns brought forth by the graduate students.

It is important that the Committee is able to fill all of the positions available, for then it is able to run efficiently and effectively addresses the concerns of the graduate students. All students are encouraged to serve as a member of the GSC at some point of their graduate academic career.

Positions available in the Chemical Engineering Graduate Student Council

  • GSC Chairperson
  • Faculty Representative
  • Social Committee (2)
  • AIChE Representative
  • Graduate Student Recruiting Committee

Updated on 07/22/14

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