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Leaving the Department of Chemical Engineering
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Thesis Information

Graduation Time Table

The graduating student should be aware of specific deadlines relating to certain obligations which must be met during their last semester or summer session before graduation. These include:

  • Last date to deliver a thesis to Doctoral Committee or M.S. Thesis Committee
  • Last date for a Final Oral Doctoral Examination
  • Last date to pay thesis fee
  • Last date to activate intent to graduate
  • Last date to deliver thesis to Graduate School
  • Last date to resubmit a corrected final copy of a thesis
  • Last date to submit a request to graduate in absentia

Specific dates for these deadlines in any particular semester or summer session will be distributed by the department staff assistan or they can be found in the current edition of the Graduate Bulletin or on-line at:

Updated on 07/22/14

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