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Leaving the Department of Chemical Engineering
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Thesis Information

Thesis Registration and Grading Policy

Graduate students normally register for thesis research using the course number ChE 600. Those who have passed the Ph.D. Comprehensive Exam register under ChE 601 (for 0 credits). The thesis work is graded according to the policy adopted by the Graduate Council.

The normal passing grade assigned is R. Letter grades are not to be given for Ch E 600, except F for a failing performance. At the completion of a degree program a specified maximum number of research credits may be changed from R to a letter grade. This change is not required for graduation purposes but merely permitted if a student and his/her thesis advisor choose to do so.

The maximum number of credits for which a grade change is allowed is 6 for master's students and 12 for doctoral students. Since grade changes are usually permitted for only the last semester, the students are advised to register for 6 or less credits of research in their last semester for which the letter grade can be assigned.

Updated on 07/22/14

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