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Review article on polymer blend dynamics [link]

Interaction of peptides with inorganic surfaces [link]

A new motion in solid polymer electrolytes [link]



Welcome to the Janna Maranas Research Group Home Page. The Maranas group is comprised of graduate students and postdocs investigating molecular mobility in soft materials. Our work is equally divided between computation and experiment. We offer state-of-the-art research projects and a friendly environment in which to work and learn. Current projects address lithium ion batteries and fuel cells, plant cell walls and biomimetic membranes. In this website you can have a look at our research topics and techniques, and what the individual group members work on.

Spring 2014 Members Spring 2014 Members Back row, from L to R: Shih-Chun Huang, Pengfei Zhan, Derek Strum, Janna Maranas, David Caldwell, Trevor Hankins, Keran Lu, Sarah Kiemle. Front row, from L to R: Bingxin Fan, Dan Ye, Lalitha Ganapatibhotla, Margaret Kowalik, Ben Schantz, Christine Janiszewski, Carolina Santos.

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Dynamics of Soft matter cover Dynamics of Soft Matter

By GarcĂ­a Sakai, Victoria; Alba-Simionesco, Christiane; Chen, Sow Hsin

Chapter 5: Solid Polymer Electrolytes
By Janna Maranas

Chapter 5 contains a discussion of solid polymer electrolytes pertaining to their history, application, phase behavior, crystallinity, thermal history, dynamics in the liquid state, and the influence of nanoparticle additives. The rest of the book was composed by a collaboration of authors and can be found here

Polymers for Energy Storage and Delivery: Polyelectrolytes for Battery and Fuel Cells cover Polymers for Energy Storage and Delivery: Polyelectrolytes for Battery and Fuel Cells

By Kirt A. page; Christopher L. Soles; James Runt


By Janna Maranas

The introduction presents current understanding in the field of polymer electrolytes. This chapter introduces the polymer electrolyte, outines the factors which influence ionic conductivity, discusses novel material choices, and overviews characterization techniques. More details can be found here

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