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Assistant Professor Howard M. Salis | Publications

  • H.M. Salis, E. Mirsky, C.A. Voigt, "Automated Design of Synthetic Ribosome Binding Sites to Control Protein Expression", Nature Biotechnology, (2009)
  • J.J. Tabor, H.M. Salis, Z. B. Simpson, A.A. Chevalier, A. Levskaya, E.M. Marcotte, C.A. Voigt, A.D. Ellington, "A Synthetic Genetic Edge Detection Program", Cell, v137(1), (2009)
  • E.S. Groban, E.J. Clarke, H.M. Salis, S. Miller, and C.A. Voigt, "Kinetic Buffering of Crosstalk between Bacterial Two-Component Sensors", Journal of Molecular Biology, v390(3), (2009)
  • H.M. Salis, A. Tamsir, C.A. Voigt, "Engineering Bacterial Signals and Sensors", Contributions to Microbiology book series, 2009(16), editors: Mattias Collin and Raymond Schuch
  • K. Temme, H.M. Salis, D. Tullman-Ercek, A. Levskaya, S.H. Hong, C.A. Voigt, "Induction and relaxation dynamics of the regulatory network controlling the type III secretion system encoded within Salmonella pathogenicity island 1", Journal of Molecular Biology, v377(1), (2008)
  • H.M. Salis, Y. Kaznessis, "Computer aided design of modular protein devices: Logical AND gene activation", Physical Biology, v3(4), (2006)
  • H.M. Salis, V. Sotiropoulos, Y. Kaznessis, "Multiscale Hy3S: Hybrid stochastic simulation for supercomputers", BMC Bioinformatics, v7, (2006)
  • L. Tuttle, H.M. Salis, J. Tomshine, and Y. Kaznessis, "Model-driven designs of an oscillating gene network", Biophysical Journal, v89(6), (2005)
  • H.M. Salis, Y. Kaznessis, "An equation-free probabilistic steady state approximation: Dynamic application to the stochastic simulation of biochemical reaction networks", Journal of Chemical Physics, v123 (21), p214106 (2005)
  • H.M. Salis, Y. Kaznessis "Accurate hybrid stochastic simulation of a system of coupled chemical or biochemical reactions", Journal of Chemical Physics, v122(5), (2005)
  • H.M. Salis, Y. Kaznessis, "Numerical simulation of stochastic gene circuits" Computers in Chemical Engineering, v29(3), (2005)

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