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September 15, 2009
Adam Mayernick wins award for Best Presentation at the 2009 Chemical Engineering Departmental Research Symposium

Adam D. Mayernick received the award for the Best Presentation at the 2009 Chemical Engineering Department research Symposium, held at Toftrees Resort. Adam's talk was titled First-Principles Studies of Surface Doping of Ceria with Noble Metals for Hydrocarbon Conversion. The Chemical Engineering Departmental Symposium is held each fall with all 4th year Ph.D. students presenting on their research projects.

October 29, 2009 The Fall 2009 Chemical Engineering Department Newsletter

"Collaborative research of Janik and Janna Maranas Groups is featured in the 2009 Highlights of the Department of Chemical Engineering at Penn State." Click on the image below to open the Fall 2009 department newsletter P D F.

Click on this image to open the Fall 2009 department newsletter P D F.

View all the available Chemical Engineering Highlights Newsletters.

The Janik and Colby groups received a joint grant from the NSF

The Janik group and the group of Ralph Colby (PSU, MATSE) have received a joint grant from the National Science Foundation. The project is titled "First Principles Design of Ionomers for Facile Ion Transport," and is funded by the Energy for Sustainability program within the Division of Chemical, Bioengineering, Environmental, and Transport Systems of NSF.

The grant will provide support of $303,530 from September of 2009 through August of 2012. For more information on the project, please view the Janik Group Research page:

August 11, 2009
Adam Mayernick and Joe McDermott attended
The Nobel Laureates meeting

Logo of the 2009 Nobel Laureate Meetings at Lindau, Germany.

Graduate Students Adam Mayernick and Joe McDermott attended the Nobel Laureates meeting in Lindau, Germany. From June 28th to July 3rd, 2009 23 Nobel Laureates and 580 young researchers from 67 countries attended the 59th Meeting of Nobel Laureates dedicated to chemistry.

View the Lindau, Germany, Nobel Laureates Meeting Web Site

January 1, 2009

Three new graduate students join our research group. Kyungtae Lee, Ruokai Zhao, and Iman Savizi, each in their first year of study at PSU towards Ph.D. degrees in Chemical Engineering, joined the Janik research laboratory on January 1, 2009. Kyungtae will examine catalytic fuel reforming processes in collaboration with Chunshan Song in the Energy and Mineral Engineering Department. Iman and Ruokai will study electrode materials and design for microbial fuel cells and microbial electrolysis cells, in collaboration with Bruce Logan in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department.

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