Research Topics

Heterogeneous Catalysis

Thiophene on Ce-TiO2.

Our group pursues a number of research projects in the area of heterogeneous catalysis. These projects are pursued collaboratively with experimentalists towards the development of catalytic materials and methods for catalyst investigation. Research topics include the development of solid adsorbents for adsorptive desulfurization (collaborative with Chunshan Song, Penn State EME), carbon dioxide hydrogenation (collaborative with Chunshan Song and Xinwen Guo (Dalian U. of Technology, China), and alkylation reactions in zeolites (collaborative with Chunshan Song and Xinwen Guo). We pursue a number of collaborative projects with the group of Robert Rioux (Penn State CHE) include semi-hydrogenation of acetylene and characterization of nanoparticle catalysts.

Acetylene semi-hydrogenation on Ni-Zn.

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