Research Safety

Research safety is an essential part of the Department of Chemical Engineering’s mission. We are committed to conducting our research activities in an environment that ensures the safety and protection of the entire chemical engineering community. We are fully committed to providing the education, tools, training, and policies needed to prevent accidents, control hazards, and eliminate environmental incidents.

Our commitment to safety not only enhances the effectiveness of our research programs but also provides our students with the training and experience they will need to work effectively and safely throughout their professional careers.

Active involvement in safety activities develops safety knowledge, increases awareness and sensitivity to hazards, and prevents injuries. Everyone is expected to comply with all of the University and departmental regulations regarding laboratory safety. This includes understanding what training you need to work in the laboratory and knowing all procedures for the proper evacuation in case of an emergency. Safety is everyone’s responsibility—that means pointing out potential hazards when you see them and immediately speaking with colleagues, staff, and students who aren’t following appropriate safety guidelines.

You should feel free to contact the department’s safety officer, Roger Dunlap, at at any time if you have concerns about safety policies or practices. These discussions will be handled in complete confidence with the goal of addressing the concerns as quickly and effectively as possible.



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