Penn State Chemical Engineering Alumni Society

The Penn State Chemical Engineering Alumni Society (PSChEAS) is a sub-group of the Penn State Alumni Association and the Penn State Engineering Alumni Society (PSEAS) aligned to the Department of Chemical Engineering.

The mission of PSChEAS is to function as a working advisory team that reports to the chemical engineering department head to achieve and implement key objectives and foster enhanced relationships and engagement opportunities between chemical engineering alumni, students, faculty, and key industry partners.

PSChEAS Programs

  • Chemical Engineering Early Career Recognition Award
  • Lecturing Committee - The Lecturing Committee is creating a chemical engineering alumni video collection for faculty and students, covering topics of value from career paths to technical topic application in industry. Also, the committee delivers high-quality, knowledgeable on-campus alumni lecturers for chemical engineering classes.
  • Membership Committee - The Membership Committee has created a chemical engineering group within Penn State LionLink platform. This group platform will allow more direct and timely communication to alumni for events and interaction activities. The committee promotes the chemical engineering LionLink group to all Penn State chemical Eegineering alumni to grow the group and strengthen all other alumni committees through its use.
  • Student Activities Committee - The Student Activities Committee offers value-added engagement opportunities between alumni, undergraduate students, and graduate students in the Department of Chemical Engineering. Recurring activities include alumni/student football tailgates and alumni panel discussions. The committee also offers a multi-faceted mentorship program using the Penn State LionLink program to provide one-on-one conventional mentorship, organic connection mentorship, and forum discussion board types of mentorship.
  • Alumni Engagement Committee - The Alumni Engagement Committee coordinates on-campus events and activities for chemical engineering alumni to engage with other alumni, faculty, and students.

PSChEAS Members

2021-22 PSChEAS Leadership Team

  • Megan Padovani, 2014, team lead
  • Sienna Helfrich, 2013
  • Brian Doll, 1975
  • Jennie Gibson, staff support
  • Ken Granziani, 1970
  • John Hollenbach, 1978
  • Brad Sutliff, 2005
  • Dainius Volertas, 2016
  • Taylor Maher, 2014
  • Joe Iannone, 2000
  • Tanya Schnelzer, 1989
  • Marissa Miller

Student Activities Committee Members

  • Dainius Volertas, co-chair
  • Megan Padovani, co-chair
  • Jesse Kreider

Alumni Engagement Committee Members

  • Kim Shuster, chair
  • Mark Strickland
  • Glenn Reichart
  • Neal Biege

Membership Committee Members

  • Brian Cassano, chair
  • Joe Iannone

Lecturing Committee Members

  • Taylor Maher, chair
  • Brad Sutliff

Extended Team Members

  • Phillip Savage, Chemical Engineering Department Head
  • Penn State AIChE Chapter President
  • Penn State AIChE Chapter Mentorship Chair
  • Penn State ChE Graduate Student Association (GSA) President
  • All living graduates of Penn State's chemical engineering program are ad-hoc members; there are no dues or fees.


The Penn State Department of Chemical Engineering, established in 1948, is recognized as one of the largest and most influential chemical engineering departments in the nation.

The department is built upon the fundamentals of academic integrity, innovation in research, and commitment to the advancement of industry.

Department of Chemical Engineering

121 Chemical and Biomedical Engineering Building

The Pennsylvania State University

University Park, PA 16802

Phone: 814-865-2574