Chemical Engineering Graduate Students

Photo of Harry Adamson

Harry Adamson

Photo of Mohammad Afzal

Mohammad Afzal

Photo of Prawal Prem Kishore Agarwal

Prawal Prem Kishore Agarwal

Photo of Puja Agarwala

Puja Agarwala

Photo of Naveen Agrawal

Naveen Agrawal

Photo of Jia Ruey Ai

Jia Ruey Ai

Photo of Amir Akbari

Amir Akbari

Photo of Jason Alexander

Jason Alexander

Photo of Zahra Anari

Zahra Anari

Photo of Karthik Arunagiri

Karthik Arunagiri

Photo of Zaman Ataie

Zaman Ataie

Photo of Srikanth Baskar

Srikanth Baskar

Photo of Kirsten Bell

Kirsten Bell

Photo of Deepra Bhattacharya

Deepra Bhattacharya

Photo of Matthew Billups

Matthew Billups

Photo of Veda Sheersh Boorla

Veda Sheersh Boorla

Photo of Kaitlyn Brickey

Kaitlyn Brickey

Photo of Harrison Cassady

Harrison Cassady

Photo of Alisa Chakraborty

Alisa Chakraborty

Photo of Akshay Sai Chaubal

Akshay Sai Chaubal

Photo of Juseok Choi

Juseok Choi

Photo of Liang-Kai Chu

Liang-Kai Chu

Photo of Abigail Circelli

Abigail Circelli

Photo of Maia Clipsham

Maia Clipsham

Photo of Nicholas Cross

Nicholas Cross

Photo of Jianming Cui

Jianming Cui

Photo of Raheleh Daneshpour

Raheleh Daneshpour

Photo of Joshua Del Mundo

Joshua Del Mundo

Photo of Hoang Dinh

Hoang Dinh

Photo of Zhuoshi Du

Zhuoshi Du

Photo of Arash Emdadi

Arash Emdadi

Photo of Erin Essington

Erin Essington

Photo of Kayla Eudy

Kayla Eudy

Photo of Abigail Fenton

Abigail Fenton

Photo of Sarah Freeburne

Sarah Freeburne

Photo of Michele Fromel

Michele Fromel

Photo of Michael Geitner

Michael Geitner

Photo of Soodabeh Ghaffari

Soodabeh Ghaffari

Photo of Goli Ghajar

Goli Ghajar

Photo of Kevin Glass

Kevin Glass

Photo of Peter Guirguis

Peter Guirguis

Photo of Yiwen Guo

Yiwen Guo

Photo of Winters Guo

Winters Guo

Photo of Ahmed Maged Aly Hamed

Ahmed Maged Aly Hamed

Photo of Mahmudul Hasan

Mahmudul Hasan

Photo of Jeremy Hu

Jeremy Hu

Photo of Mengqi Jack Hu

Mengqi Jack Hu

Photo of Mikyung Hwang

Mikyung Hwang

Photo of Arian Jaberi

Arian Jaberi

Photo of Benson Jacob

Benson Jacob

Photo of Omid Jahanmahin

Omid Jahanmahin

Photo of Seokhoon Jang

Seokhoon Jang

Photo of Li-Ji Jhang

Li-Ji Jhang

Photo of Vishal Jindal

Vishal Jindal

Photo of Ritwick Kali

Ritwick Kali

Photo of James Kennedy

James Kennedy

Photo of Sina Kheirabadi

Sina Kheirabadi

Photo of Yongha Kim

Yongha Kim

Photo of Junseok Kim

Junseok Kim

Photo of Jung Hwan Kim

Jung Hwan Kim

Photo of Minyoung Kim

Minyoung Kim

Photo of Eunmi Kim

Eunmi Kim

Photo of Tanmay Kulkarni

Tanmay Kulkarni

Photo of Travis La Fleur

Travis La Fleur

Photo of Po-Hao Lai

Po-Hao Lai

Photo of Yi-Chen Lan

Yi-Chen Lan

Photo of Christine LaPorte

Christine LaPorte

Photo of Jongcheol Lee

Jongcheol Lee

Photo of Mingxiao Li

Mingxiao Li

Photo of Jin Li

Jin Li

Photo of Yu Sheng Li

Yu Sheng Li

Photo of Yen-Ting Lin

Yen-Ting Lin

Photo of Qian Lu

Qian Lu

Photo of Niladri Sekhar Mandal

Niladri Sekhar Mandal

Photo of Ashley Masucci

Ashley Masucci

Photo of Majd Matalkeh

Majd Matalkeh

Photo of James McLellan

James McLellan

Photo of Kevork Oliver Messerian

Kevork Oliver Messerian

Photo of Mirko Minervini

Mirko Minervini

Photo of Cress Moberg

Cress Moberg

Photo of Aylin Mohammadzadehmarandi

Aylin Mohammadzadehmarandi

Photo of Musa Mohammed

Musa Mohammed

Photo of Yanyu Mu

Yanyu Mu

Photo of Joy Muthami

Joy Muthami

Photo of Angela Nguyen

Angela Nguyen

Photo of Andrew Ogrinc

Andrew Ogrinc

Photo of Sean Okonsky

Sean Okonsky

Photo of Berent (Lars) Ostervold

Berent (Lars) Ostervold

Photo of Joshua Peles

Joshua Peles

Photo of Patricia Pereira

Patricia Pereira

Photo of Barbara Alejandra Perez

Barbara Alejandra Perez

Photo of Jihyeong Ryu

Jihyeong Ryu

Photo of Jessica Sacco

Jessica Sacco

Photo of Md Nurus Sakib

Md Nurus Sakib

Photo of Chinmay Sanjay Sanke

Chinmay Sanjay Sanke

Photo of Aditya Sapre

Aditya Sapre

Photo of Sai Dileep Kumar Seera

Sai Dileep Kumar Seera

Photo of Pei Shi

Pei Shi

Photo of Paige Shumskas

Paige Shumskas

Photo of Adam Smerigan

Adam Smerigan

Photo of Yawen Song

Yawen Song

Photo of Seshasayee Subramanya

Seshasayee Subramanya

Photo of Ruhi Sultana

Ruhi Sultana

Photo of Vikram Sundar

Vikram Sundar

Photo of James Sutjianto

James Sutjianto

Photo of Mahdi Khajeh Talkhoncheh

Mahdi Khajeh Talkhoncheh

Photo of Neil Taylor

Neil Taylor

Photo of Rachel Taylor

Rachel Taylor

Photo of Natalie Thompson

Natalie Thompson

Photo of Hoang (Bolton) Minh Tran

Hoang (Bolton) Minh Tran

Photo of Pramudit Tripathi

Pramudit Tripathi

Photo of Vikas Upadhyay

Vikas Upadhyay

Photo of Madeline Vonglis

Madeline Vonglis

Photo of Ran Wang

Ran Wang

Photo of Zayne Weber

Zayne Weber

Photo of Stephen Wong

Stephen Wong

Photo of Jark-Wah (Andrew) Wong

Jark-Wah (Andrew) Wong

Photo of Tianze Xie

Tianze Xie

Photo of Shang-Lin Yeh

Shang-Lin Yeh

Photo of Sierra Yost

Sierra Yost

Photo of Tae Yong Yun

Tae Yong Yun

Photo of Huaizhong Zhang

Huaizhong Zhang



The Penn State Department of Chemical Engineering, established in 1948, is recognized as one of the largest and most influential chemical engineering departments in the nation.

The department is built upon the fundamentals of academic integrity, innovation in research, and commitment to the advancement of industry.

Department of Chemical Engineering

121 Chemical and Biomedical Engineering Building

The Pennsylvania State University

University Park, PA 16802

Phone: 814-865-2574