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Computational and Data Science

Chemical engineering faculty:

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Kostas Alexopoulos

Heterogeneous Catalysis and Reaction Engineering; Multiscale Modeling 

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Ali Borhan

Fluid Dynamics and Multi-Phase Systems

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Kristen Fichthorn

Multiscale Simulation of Fluid-Solid Interfaces

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Michael Janik

Atomistic Modeling of Catalysis for Energy and Environment

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Costas Maranas

Biotechnology and Synthetic Biology; Systems Engineering

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Themis Matsoukas

Colloids, Aerosols, Plasma Processing, and Population Balances

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Scott Milner

Soft Matter Material Properties from Simulation and Theory

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Howard Salis

Synthetic Biology, Genetic and Metabolic Engineering, DNA Design

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Rui Shi

Life Cycle Assessment, Sustainable Design, Systems Analysis, Energy Systems

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Ezgi Toraman

Alternative Energy Resources, Biomass and Plastic Waste Pyrolysis

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Adri van Duin

Development and Application of Reactive Force Field Methods

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Darrell Velegol

Econochemistry and Chemical Innovation



The Penn State Department of Chemical Engineering, established in 1948, is recognized as one of the largest and most influential chemical engineering departments in the nation.

The department is built upon the fundamentals of academic integrity, innovation in research, and commitment to the advancement of industry.

Department of Chemical Engineering

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