Chemical Engineering Seminars

Fall 2019

All seminars will be held in 001 Chemical and Biomedical Engineering Building from 10:50-11:50 a.m. unless otherwise noted.

Thursday, September 5
Janet Schwabenbauer, Senior Staff Therapist
Penn State Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPs)
Seminar Title: "Anxiety, Stress, & Mindfulness"

Thursday, September 12
Julie Kornfield, 
Professor of Chemical Engineering
California Institute of Technology 
Seminar Title: "Megasupramolecules"

Tuesday, September 17 
Ayusman Sen, Distinguished Professor of Chemistry 
Penn State 
Seminar Title: "Fantastic Voyage: Designing Self-Powered Nanobots"

Thursday, September 19
Millicent Sullivan, Centennial Professor and Associate Chair in Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
University of Delaware
Seminar Title: "Unlocking Intracellular Therapeutic Targets Using Bioinspired Materials"

Thursday, September 26
Ayman Karim, Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering
Virginia Polytechnic Institute 
Seminar Title: 
“Precious Metal Supported Catalysts: New Properties and Reaction Pathways in the Subnanometer Regime”

Thursday, October 10
Julie Renner, Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering
Case Western Reserve University
Seminar Title: “Biodirected Assembly of Ionomer Thin Films”

Thursday, October 14
PLEASE NOTE: This seminar will be held in 107 Chemical & Biomedical Engineering Building from 9:45-10:45 a.m.

Christopher Synatschke, Postdoctoral Fellow
Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research, Mainz, Germany
Seminar Title:“Supramolecular-Covalent Polymer Hydrogels – Combining the Best of Small and Large Molecules”

Thursday, October 17
Kristin Schmidt, Research Staff Member
IBM Research  
Seminar Title: 
“CIRCA-Your Cheminformatics Assistant”

Tuesday, October 22
Venkat Venkatasubramanian, Samuel Ruben-Peter G. Viele Professor of Engineering, Professor of Chemical Engineering
Columbia University 
Seminar Title: TBD

Thursday, October 31
Christopher Bowman, Co-Director of the NSF I/UCRC for Fundamentals and Applications and Photopolymerizations
Colorado State University Boulder
Seminar Title: “Smart, Responsive Polymes Based on Covalent Adaptable Networks: Photoswitchable States of Matter”

Thursday, December 5
Corey Stephenson, Professor of Chemistry
University of Michigan
Seminar Title: TBD

Tuesday, December 10
Raymond Schaak, DuPont Professor of Materials Chemistry
Penn State
Seminar Title: TBD

Thursday, December 12
Shaoyi Jiang, Boeing-Roundhill Professor of Chemical Engineering
University of Washington
Seminar Title: 




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