Chemical Engineering Seminars

Fall 2022 Seminar Schedule
Date Speaker Title

September 1

Bradley D. Olsen
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
10:35 a.m. | 001 CBEB
The Community Resource for Innovation in Polymer Technology: An Open Data Ecosystem to Catalyze Innovation in Polymer Science

September 8

Brett A. Helms
Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
10:35 a.m. | 001 CBEB
Designing Membranes for Better Batteries

September 29

Inaugural Lesh Lecturer
Rhea Williams

ACS Publications, Sponsored by Dorothy L. Lesh Endowed Lecture Series
10:35 a.m. | 001 CBEB
Peek Behind the Curtain of Scientific Publishing with ACS

October 6

David Bem
PPG Industries, Pittsburgh, PA
10:35 a.m. | 001 CBEB
Building a Beautiful and Protected World with Coating Innovations

October 13

Ashish Kulkarni
10:35 a.m. | 001 CBEB


October 20

Distinguished Lecturer
Kristi S. Anseth

University of Colorado, Boulder
10:35 a.m. | 001 CBEB

Synthetic Hydrogels as Extracellular Matrix Mimics: Engineering Materials for 4D Cell Culture

October 25

Marc A. Hillmyer
University of Minnesota
10:35 a.m. | 001 CBEB


October 27

Thomas A. Fuller
Georgia Tech
10:35 a.m. | 001 CBEB

November 3

Thomas H. Epps
University of Delaware
10:35 a.m. | 001 CBEB
Advancing Sustainability: Small Molecules and Polymers from Biomass and Plastics Waste

November 10

Orlando J. Rojas
The University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada
10:35 a.m. | 001 CBEB

December 1

Zachary P. Smith
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
10:35 a.m. | 001 CBEB
Designing Microporous Materials for Membrane Separations

December 6

Joan Brennecke
University of Texas at Austin
10:35 a.m. | 001 CBEB

December 8

Thomas P. Senftle
Rice University
10:35 a.m. | 001 CBEB
Understanding Metal-Support Interactions in Catalysis with Statistical Learning


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