Chemical Engineering Seminars

Fall 2023 Seminar Schedule
Date Speaker Title

August 31

Zach Smith
10:35 a.m. | 001 CBEB

Designing Microporous Materials for Membrane Separations

September 12

Christian Pester
Penn State
10:35 a.m. | 001 CBEB

Letters to a "Young" Scientist: Six Years of Polymer Brush Research at Penn State

September 14

George Huber
University of Wisconsin
10:35 a.m. | 001 CBEB

Disruptive Technologies to Improve the Sustainability of the Plastic Industry

September 21

Jeffrey McCutcheon
University of Connecticut
10:35 a.m. | 001 CBEB

Customizing Membranes using Additive Manufacturing: Enabling New Materials in Water Treatment and Beyond

September 26

Distinguished Lecturer — Mark Barteau
Texas A&M University
10:35 a.m. | 001 CBEB

A Personal Tour of Surface Acid-Base Chemistry and Catalysis: From Solution to the Gas Phase and Back Again

September 28

Cynthia Collins
10:35 a.m. | 001 CBEB

Making Biology Easier to Engineer

October 5

Stefano Menegatti
North Carolina State University
10:35 a.m. | 001 CBEB

Transforming the Purification Toolbox of Gene Editing Products

October 12

Venkat Ganesan
University of Texas at Austin
10:35 a.m. | 001 CBEB

Engineering Ion Selectivity in Polymer Membranes

October 19

Jonathan Male
Washington State University
10:35 a.m. | 001 CBEB

Where to Find Your Renewable Carbon and Start to influence Carbon Fluxes 

October 26

Joan Brennecke
University of Texas at Austin
10:35 a.m. | 001 CBEB

Supported Ionic Liquid and Polymeric Olefin/Paraffin Separation Membranes

November 16

Martin Bazant
10:35 a.m. | 001 CBEB

Learning the Physics of Li-ion Batteries from Images

November 30

Sarah Perry
University of Massachusetts, Amherst
10:35 a.m. | 001 CBEB

Polyelectrolyte Complex Materials

December 7

Stuart Rowan
University of Chicago
10:35 a.m. | 001 CBEB
Dynamic Networks as a Route to Access Pluripotent Materials




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