Summer Fellowship FAQ

I’m graduating in May 2022. Am I still eligible for this opportunity?

Unfortunately no. However, we encourage you to contact professors in the department to see if they have hourly wage positions that they would be interested in employing you on.

The fellowship information site says “and from the general chemical engineering faculty list.” Does that imply that I can look into any research that any chemical engineering professor is doing, regardless if it has to do with biomolecular engineering or not, or am I limited to just the biology-related research within the chemical engineering department?

The biofellowship supports students doing work in bio-related areas. Please discuss the project with the faculty member you contact to determine if it will fit this description.

Should I be interested in and list more than one professor (three or four?) in my application, or should I choose one specifically (and should I email all of them concerning my intent to list them on my application?)

We would like you to make one selection. Please talk to the groups you are interested in.



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