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James Ultman

Professor Emeritus


  • Chemical Engineering

218 Chemical and Biomedical Engineering Building







  • James Ultman, 2000, Mass Transport in Biomedical Engineering, John Wiley

Journal Articles

  • W. H. Reeser, G. M. Lee, A. B. Taylor, L. Wang, S. F. Arnold, A. Ben-Jerbia and James Ultman, 2005, "Uptake of ozone in human lungs and its relationship to local physiological response", Inhal. Toxicol., 17, pp. 699-707
  • S. Madasu, A. Borhan and James Ultman, 2005, "An axisymmetric single-path modelfor gas transport in conducting airways", J. Biomech. Eng., 128, pp. 69-75


  • A. B. Taylor, G. M. Lee, K. Nellore, A. Ben-Jerbia and James Ultman, , "Changes in the carbon dioxide expirogram in response to ozone exposure"

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The Penn State Department of Chemical Engineering, established in 1948, is recognized as one of the largest and most influential chemical engineering departments in the nation.

The department is built upon the fundamentals of academic integrity, innovation in research, and commitment to the advancement of industry.

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