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Xueyi Zhang

John J. and Jean M. Brennan Clean Energy Early Career Assistant Professor of CHE


  • Chemical Engineering

214 Chemical and Biomedical Engineering Building


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Research Areas:

Energy and Environment; Interfaces and Surfaces; Separations and Transport

Interest Areas:

catalysis, separation, porous materials, molecular sieves




  • BS, Chemical Engineering, Tsinghua University, 2008
  • Ph D, Chemical Engineering, University of Minnesota, 2013


Journal Articles

  • Xinyang Yin, Shuo Tang, Qiang Yong, Xueyi Zhang and Jeffrey M Catchmark, 2021, "Oriented 2D metal organic framework coating on bacterial cellulose for nitrobenzene removal from water by filtration", Separation and Purification Technology, 276, pp. 119366
  • Xinyang Yin and Xueyi Zhang, 2020, "Hierarchical metal–organic frameworks constructed from intergrowth for the adsorption of light hydrocarbons", Materials Chemistry Frontier, 4, pp. 3057
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  • Jie Zha, Xinyang Yin, Jacob R Baltzegar and Xueyi Zhang, 2019, "Coordinatively unsaturated metal sites-promoted selective adsorption of organic molecules on supported metal-organic framework nanosheets", Langmuir, 35, pp. 12908
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  • Akshay Korde, Byunghyun Min, Elina Kapaca, Omar Knio, Iman Nezam, Ziyuan Wang, Johannes Leisen, Xinyang Yin, Xueyi Zhang, David Sholl, Xiaodong Zou, Tom Willhammar, Christopher Jones and Sankar Nair, , "Single-Walled Zeolitic Nanotubes", Science

Research Projects

  • August 2017 - May 2019, "Designing Polymer/2D MOF Composite Membranes with Enhanced CO2 Transport for CO2/N2 Separation," (Sponsor: Pennsylvania State University).

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